Abu Dhabi – dreamland or nightmare


imageIt’s certainly one of those places you could feel how the infatuating luxury makes you oblivious to the peculiar expectations, injustices and absolutely ridiculous social paradigm which devaluates Asian and African cultures by providing distinctly lower wages and poorer means of living for people from such origins, making the average American / European guy the king of the castle – socially, economically and financially. There are of course the religious differences and issues, the famous local Emirati and the Sheick – Zayed whose name is facing you from every corner, constantly reminding of its power and glory. But the fact of the matter is – in everyday life the real players remain the privileged “white” people also known as “experts”.

As far as religion and acceptable social behavior go, one can not help but wonder when encountering the so called norms and regulations that in reality apply to some but not to others. While against the average westernized women like myself there are a lot of prejudices and even some rules regarding visual appearance and social behaviour, this is not the case though if you are lonely American guy searching for a company in the middle of the night…. Continue reading “Abu Dhabi – dreamland or nightmare”